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Workers Compensation insurance for Excavating

Excavating Contractors are often required to have workers compensation insurance which is also referred to as excavating workers compensation insurance due to state employment and insurance laws. 

Usually, the minimum contractor workers compensation insurance for excavating contractors is $100,000 per accident, $500,000 per policy, and $100,000 per employee. Most General Contractors require subcontractors to have workers compensation insurance coverage prior to allowing you to operate on a job site. 


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What does workers compensation insurance for excavator contractors cover?

  • If you have employees for your excavating company, you will need to carry workers compensation insurance. An Excavator Workers Compensation policy covers work-related injuries/illnesses that your employees may sustain during their employment. Making sure you have the correct contractor workers compensation policy is important. 

  • Even if your excavation workers are paid via 1099, you may still need to insure them on your workers compensation insurance policy if they do not have their own or a valid state waiver. Reach out to us for further clarification. 

How much does excavating contractor workers compensation insurance cost? 

  • Workers compensation insurance cost for excavating contractors depends on your specific operations, number of workers, projected payroll, and scope of work. Since we work with numerous excavating insurance company's, we will provide multiple excavating insurance quotes to find you the best rate and coverage possible. 

Types of Excavating Companies we work with: 

  • Land Clearing Contractor

  • Grading Contractor

  • Basement Digging

  • Foundation Grading

  • Directional Boring Contractor

  • Water Main Contractor

  • Septic Installation Contractor

  • Trenching Contractor

  • Right of Way Clearing Contractor

  • Demolition Contractor Insurance

  • Tree Removal Contractor

  • Dump Truck Insurance

  • Driveway Grading

  • Farm Tile Repair and Installation

  • Utility Installation

  • Site Preparation and Development

  • Pond Excavating

Free Assistance:

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