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Insurance for Excavation contractors

Excavating Insurance Partners is a contractor insurance program specifically designed for obtaining excavation contractor insurance. We work with excavating insurance companies to help your land clearing business find excavator liability insurance. 


Excavating Insurance is a niche focused industry and you should work with a contractor insurance program that specializes in excavating contractor insurance. 


​Every Excavating company is unique in their operations. Excavating Insurance Partners help heavy equipment contractors that do the following operations both for residential and commercial work:

  • Land Clearing Insurance

  • Site Preparation and Site Development Work Insurance

  • Pond Excavating

  • Minimal Demolition Insurance

  • Utility Installation (Water and Sewer Mains and Hook ups

  • Farm Tile Repair and Installation

  • Land Grading Insurance

  • Basement Digging

  • Tree Removal Insurance

  • Dump Truck Insurance

  • Trucking Insurance

  • Driveway Grading

Free Excavating Insurance Quote:

Give us a call today at 317-942-0549 or fill out the link below to start your customized insurance quote.

Excavating Insurance Partners works with Multiple Excavating Insurance Companies to find the best insurance possible tailored to your land clearing business.


  1. ​Request a Quote Below. 

  2. A member of our team will reach out to understand your operations and needs. 

  3. With our program, we will quote multiple insurance companies that focus in insurance for excavating contractors. 

  4. We will provide a comprehensive proposal comparing your insurance quotes.

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